Pokémon: Ash & Pikachu’s Legacy

MC Anime Podcast
MC Anime Podcast
Pokémon: Ash & Pikachu's Legacy

Pokémon spanned 25 years with Ash as the main protagonist and Pikachu as the first partner. They go to 8 regions and explore the passion to be Pokémon Master which Ash follows to a tee. Galar Champion Cup is where Ash strikes gold in first offical league victory. There were other times where Ash either won (Orange Islands) and others close to winning in top 4. Ash achieved his main goal to be Pokémon Master. Join as I have ST from Next in Time podcast giving their input in the legacy of Ash & Pikachu’s journey to this great accomplishment and overall Pokémon in general. Please support ST  (Next in Time Podcast Host, business consultant, and sales correspondent) at https://nextintimepodcast.com/

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