MC Anime’s Testimonials & Flashback

MC Anime Podcast
MC Anime Podcast
MC Anime's Testimonials & Flashback

I take a trip down memory lane to reflect on the journey along the way. This episode is self evident of the fact looking back at the moments in MC Anime Podcast that are Impactful or rememberable. The discussion will be 12 episodes or so where moments I think were great. Some of these episodes include Misconceptions in Anime, DragonBall VA Stephanie Nadolny, Entertainment Scavenger Hunt, and more. These are some of the moments where I truly feel a strong sense of looking back at testimonials people who were part of the journey. I explain the episodes in brief summary and provide soundbites of people at question. Here is a list of episodes mentioned in Google docs below and script for episode. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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