Interior Design: Making A Space Vibrant

In this episode of the podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Hillary Waters, a Creative Director, Interior Designer, and Fabricator, to delve into the fascinating world of interior design and the art of making a space vibrant.

Throughout the conversation, we explored various key topics related to creating vibrant spaces. We discussed the importance of natural light and how it can greatly impact the overall ambiance and mood of a room. Hillary shared insights on how to maximize natural light and strategically place windows or mirrors to enhance the brightness and openness of a space.

Another aspect we explored was the contrast between dark and light colors. We delved into how playing with different shades and tones can create visual interest and make a space more dynamic and vibrant. Hillary offered tips on using color combinations effectively to evoke certain emotions or create specific atmospheres.

We also discussed the functionality of bright and light colors in interior design. Hillary shared her expertise on how the right choice of colors can influence the perceived size of a space, create a sense of freshness, and promote a positive energy flow within the room.

Furthermore, we touched upon the significance of incorporating personal objects in a space to add a touch of individuality and character. Hillary provided insights on how to curate personal items and integrate them seamlessly into the overall design, ensuring a harmonious and vibrant aesthetic.

Lastly, we explored the role of nature elements in interior design. We discussed how incorporating natural materials, plants, and organic textures can infuse a space with vitality, tranquility, and a connection to the outdoors.

Overall, the episode provided a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for anyone interested in interior design. Hillary’s expertise as a Creative Director and Interior Designer, along with her fabricating skills, offered valuable insights into creating vibrant spaces through the use of natural light, color contrast, functionality, personal objects, and nature elements.

Special Thanks to Hillary Waters who was our guest from FMW Fab Lab. She gave what makes a space look vibrant and more importantly design elements. May you find your vibrant space and let it shine in your personal affection. You find more about Hillary Waters at for anything designs and fabrications.

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