Friday Night Funkin’ Reaction

MC Anime Podcast
MC Anime Podcast
Friday Night Funkin' Reaction

Friday Night Funkin’ is a music indie rhythmic game. It begins with Boyfriend and Girlfriend who want to develop a dating connection. However, Daddy Dearest stands in the way and only way for Boyfriend to prove his worth is a music battle. The former Rockstar Daddy Dearest challenges and Boyfriend accepts. This brings Boyfriend in the forefront of other characters and music battles over the series. The rhythmic style in the music battles represents sounds mixed together to give the feeling of words. They create unique vibrato such as beep o’bop and others as if they are singing. Join as I discuss the first time experiences of both me and Chemi about Friday Night Funkin’. Who knows maybe Eninem can be a mod and do a music battle with Boyfriend.

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