Al Mega Comic Crusaders Live Chat EP326

Hang out with Al Mega as he chats with fellow podcaster and geek, Maison Collawn. Tne in to learn all about his channel, MC Anime and more… Thank You for Watching / Listening! We appreciate your support! Episode 326 in an unlimited series! Host: Al Mega Follow on: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook): @TheRealAlMega / @ComicCrusaders Make sure to Like/Share/Subscribe if you haven’t yet: / comiccrusadersworld

Video & Podcast Production

Guide to Video and Podcast Production w/ Barbara Hales

Barbara Hales from Marketing Tips For Doctors Podcast discusses production with me as a guest. I give correspondence to how podcasting operates in gaming communities, how to produce recorded content, and what to do in beginning of recorded content. I say you need to find a passion and see where it goes. Keep on striving in such passion and continue to build yourself upwards. Check out the episode here and Special thanks to Barbara Hales.

MC Anime Podcast A Christmas Anime Treat

MC Anime Podcast A Christmas Anime Treat

Hi guys, I had a wonderful experience with Marcus Hart, the host of Transform U podcast and “30 Days to Transform Mentally and Spiritually” author. We discuss what anime is, how I represent my passion and episodes reflection I did in MC Anime like Idea Consulting or Yokai Explained in detail. Please tune as we talk how to engage guests, diversity content, focus on approach and so much more about podcasting and production.

Podcasting, Communications, and Animes in 2023

Podcasting, Communications, and Animes in 2023

Hi guys, another guest appearance I want to share and was a part of. I was interviewed by Khudania Ajay who runs KAJ Masterclass Live and KAJ Masterclass Studio. He is all about the masterclass and how it can teach the audience. He uses his experiences in media industry and produces content that is informational. We discuss podcasting in general, communications industry, and look into anime form of entertainment. Learn in the masterclass about the topics mentioned in the link below.

Vigilantes Radio Live Interview

MC Anime Podcast Interview

Hi guys, I was part of the Vigilantes Radio Live program. The host was Demetrius “Dini” Reynolds and he was really precise. We discussed the applications of MC Anime Podcast, podcasting in general, and overall pertaining to the audience. It was a great conversation and I throughly enjoyed it. Vigilantes Radio Live is the podcast where you consume authentic interviews and hear all backgrounds of people. Check my episode in the interview and the others as well. If you want to be on the interview from Demetrius here is email

Downtown Hott Radio Live Interview

Hi guys, I want to tell you I will be live on Downtown Hott Radio. WaLil Archer is the host of the Radio show and connecting member of the other sister radio stations. It is great to see how radio shows operate and transform into another audio medium than podcast. We discuss the applications of my podcast but also his show and radio related. It will air on Saturday at 3:30PM on Downtown Hott Radio here’s the link to tune in: In case you miss it, here is the YouTube permalink where you watch the interview after the fact. Check out Walil Archer at

How to Start Podcast Business? Side Hustle

As a podcaster, there are many ways to make it a legit business. As the founder of MC Anime Podcast, I try to implement strategies I learn to be able to make this the business I want it to be. Please join Side Hustle as I speak to Fahad about the ways to monetize and overall basic professional setup to run a podcast. Special Thanks to Fahad who generally cares about his audience and generally wants to teach insights in different freelancing options as businesses. You can watch the link below at Freelancing with Fahad channel

Mcollawn about DC and Marvel Universe

Hi guys, I got the chance to be a special guest on Jon Morales podcast. He hosts Jon’s Podcast321 and as a result we discuss DC and Marvel. Conversation comes up with my binge watching of older DC and Marvel animated TV shows. This inspires my love for everything anime and Fandom alike. It makes me who I want to be which is a person who follows their passions. I followed my passions of mass communications and fandoms into MC Anime Podcast. Please check out our conversation on how DC brands themselves in their DCAU and Marvel’s MCU and more. Here is the link to the episode on Jon’s Podcast321.

Behind The Mic & MC Anime

Behind The Mic: MC Anime with Maison Collawn

Hi guys, please check out my appearance on Behind The Mic from Amplify You with Podcasting program. It was a great time with Braden Ricketts who was an avid speaker about podcasts in general. We filmed it from Casa De Influencia in Puerto Vallarta and special thanks to Julie who was our gracious host. Also, another noteworthy person for the retreat was Michelle as the organizer for the trip. Check out the episode and give it a listen. We discuss how I came to do MC Anime in the first place and the journey along the way on the podcast.

Anime Ink 2022 Special Post

Anime Ink 2022 Special Post

Anime Ink 2022 has been an interesting experience indeed. First, it all started with waiting at main entrance and got here early for a chance. Then looking for people at boothes and somehow got the notion getting a tattoo. As I was finding information, I got the idea to use my logo for MC Anime Podcast and it all came together. I found Zac Fawcett who was my tattoo artist and it was great. Yes, the needles sucked at parts but unscathed and had my first tattoo. Now, I am a walking advertisement for MC Anime and what it all represents. I personally thank Zac for being a great artist and helping this idea to cone to fruition. Please support Zac Fawcett at and view more of their of wonderful tattoos.