Why can’t I live in the anime world?

Anime is a reflection of Japan’s culture but sometimes it is tough to distinguish it from reality. It is full of moments that are super relatable and others being a break on life. Anime, in reality, is something that seems cool; however, it can be very chaotic. Characters have different personalities which can conflict with another. Think about it, a full-blown fight scene like from the Berserk or Gundam in real life. Berserk has Guts a heavy sword wielder with superhuman strength and just imagine the damage from him in a city like New York City. How about, giant robots fighting for the various reasons clashing all over the Earth from Gundam. Also, obscene images of fanservice exploding even more than ever before. We could have people shocked and disturbed by unexpected culture shocks all over the world. The media already has cases of sexual identity and raise that up to a notch with exaggerated figures of anime-like bodies where women might be even more objected. Plus, the anime world has so many people with superpowers or superhuman characters. Zoro from One Piece and Saitama from One Punch Man are perfect examples where powerful abilities and superhuman fetes are constantly happening. Finally, the villains involved in anime goes really beyond evil at times. Imagine, a world full of Hidans or Edward Elrics roaming around and causing mayhem in society. Hidan from Naruto is a character who is basically almost immortal and has his belief of Jashin in self-harm and obsession with death. Edward Elric, also known as the Father, in Fullmetal Alchemist is hugely obsessed with living forever to the point where a mass genocide is justified in his mind. In conclusion, the anime world is not meant to intermingle with real life and vice versa.

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