What makes anime, “Anime”?


Anime has been a rise of lately with shows like My Hero Academia to several and Fruits Basket. Today the question is what makes anime the way it is? We all know anime comes from the word animation in Japan. Animation has bought great success in Japan and foreign bodies alike. When animation is made in another country, it is often called that countries anime or origin from who made it. For example, shows like Voltron, Transformers,  and Avatar:  The Last Airbender is what we consider American Anime. Voltron and Transformers are variations of Japanese origin and American origin to spin off and originals. Secondly, wouldn’t cartoons and comics suffice for entertainment. A typical comic in society is mostly based on heroics (Marvel or DC comics) but the Japanese version is called manga. Manga or graphic novels both provide enriching storylines via drawings having that depth. Cartoons are either attracted to young children or adults with standard plot lines that are only on the surface level. The best explanation for different types of animation is classifying them as Anime (Japan) animated series (Marvel Anime) and cartoons as (learning anime). These classifications are from my perspective and help explain the animation genres. Video Games are a totally different beast in CG in graphics in which it is considered to be its own category in animation. Finally, is Japan wanting attention to spread its culture upon the world? It is not Japan seeking attention more as a medium to express thoughts about culture. During postwar WWII, Japan was isolated from the world and was heavily censored for spreading quote-in-quote propaganda by the United States. They turned manga in terms of freedom to bypass the censorship. This is spawned a new age for Japan and anime entertainment. Japan expressed its antiwar sentiment from the Second Great War in the published manga which escaped censorship to be known as the War Anime genre. I. hope the anime in Japan stays in its course for it delivers so much admiration for fans.


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