Voice Actors from Galaxy Con 2019

Anime would not be the same without voice actors. Voice actors have a really diverse portfolio of characters in animated and other venues for voice acting. They go to conventions, talk to their fans, give autographs, and sometimes host panels. They give a perspective and depth to characters without anime would not have the human appeal. Today is about a convention in Richmond, Virginia which was Galaxy Con. The voice actors at the convention that I recognized which are Lucy Christan, Caitlin Glass, Josh Grelle, Michael Bell, and Alexis Tipton. Lucy Cristian has over 390 roles in voice acting and has done many iconic characters. She played the parts for Nami in One Piece: Heart of Gold, the younger version of Natsu Dragneelfrom Fairy Tail, and Wrath in Fullmetal Alchemist series. Caitlin Glass has been portrayed about 264 characters as a voice actor. Some of which are various characters in the Case Closed anime, Winry Rockbell in both the original FMA and Brotherhood versions. She might be infamously known in voicing Haruhi Fujioka from Quran High School Host Club in which she also directed the anime as well. Josh Grelle is a voice actor where his portfolio includes 207 faces in amination. He plays mostly males and some of his castings are Yuri!!! On Ice as Yuri Katsuki, Armin Arlert from Attack On Titan, and Sadao Maou or Satan Jacob in The Devil is a Part-Timer!. Michael Brown has voiced 293 times on different and one series that could count for the most is the American classic Rugats. He has also known for his work in the Voltron series as well the Transformers franchise both in the United States. During Alexis Tipton’s career so far, she performed 189 characters in the being the voice of them. Some of my favorites from her are Trunks and Gotenks in Dragon Ball Super, Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire, and Kurumi Tokisaki in Date A Live I and II. Galaxy Con has a lot more to offer than just guest voice actors but today that is all folks. This blog entry would not be done without the aid of the site below is such a great tool for voice actors. I suggest that you check to see which voice actors voice your favorite character(s).


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