Viz Media’s Stake at Making Originals

 ​ Viz Media made an official announcement of turning original manga into anime. The announcement was made at Emerald City Comic Con for is plans involving 2020. The news also included an expansion of the manga library. Original works of Viz Media are officially decided for 2020 for first glances at their masterpieces of anime. With Viz Media expanding, it means only one thing in which the company’s future is promising to its fanbase. The official name of the upcoming exclusive anime to Viz Media would be similar to Netflix Originals but instead Viz Originals. According to Viz Media’s Twitter post, “With Viz Originals we have the opportunity to put over thirty years of experience at the service of the industry to bring original and proprietary content of the creators, all coming from the main creative minds in the world, ready to be put at the service of fans .” The excitement of this post is coming in a time where the competitive edge of exclusive shows is never higher. For more information, check out the translated website link where it was converted from Italian to English.

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