United Nations in Anime

Anime has many different societies and countries among them. These collective groups of people are either happy or face difficulties in the world they know. In response to Flag Day, I am writing an entry about how a country came to be by the Second Continental Congress, USA. Flag Day is a national holiday where it was officially recognized in 1946 by the U.S. Congress and honors a country’s existence of national identity. In honor of Flag Day and remembering the origins of it, here a list of four occurrences of governments or political affiliations that are more united than people believe to be so. The Holy Britannian Empire in Code Geass is very large and expansive worldwide. This powerful superpower stretches from the Americas to Russia in covering about a third of the Earth. Territories belonging to the empire are Areas like Area 11 in which Japanese citizens are called “Elevens.” The Seven Seas Alliance has Sinbad leading this group of nations and presents itself as a peacekeeping force to combat even the likes of the Kou Empire. Sinbad is known for capturing several dungeons and being a king vessel in the Magi anime. Also, as the name suggests it stretches from the seven seas with countries including Sindria Kingdom, Heliohapt Kingdom, Artemyra, Imuchakk, Sasan Kingdom, Reim Empire, Kina Kingdom (former), and Kou Empire (former). The World Government in One Piece has nearly lasted 800 years with the 20 founding nations after the Void Century. According to the quote, “Look at that symbol, pirates!!! That mark represents the unity of over 170 nations… In the four seas and the Grand Line…!!! This is the World!!! ” ~  Part of Spandam’s speech on what the World Government is. Basically, The World Government is a force to take serious and means a lot for 800 years of ruling. Jurai Planet in Tenchi Muyo! takes place in the Milky Way Galaxy and spans over 150,000 years. The descendants have access to a special power known as Family Trees. Also, they have a powerful armada of treeships that can be a force to be reckoned with in galactic warfare. I hope that I gave an insight into how these governments or political affiliations operate and see themselves in the world’s view.


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