Ultraman Taking On A New Image

Ultraman is a series that has many reboots and lasted for over fifty years. The new version of the series is the Netlfix Original of Ultraman. It takes place after the 1966 Ultraman series and provides story from where they left off from in 1966. Netflix is offically launching the new episodes this week and adding it to its rank of content. Ultraman explores the recent adaptation of the manga which was release in 2012. Apparently, there is new aliens trying to destroy Earth and the son of Ultraman is the hero to do just that. Shinjiro Hayata gets passed the torch of his father’s former glory of being Ultraman. He puts on the metallic ultra-suit and gets ready in combat in the first episode. Hayata would soon get a chance encounter with his father’s organization of Science Special Search Party (SSSP), also known as the Science Patrol. In the original Ultraman, Science Patrol’s job is to investigate bizarre anomalies and even sometimes protect citizens in case of a kaiju attack. Kaijus are Japanese giant monsters like Godzilla who will attack major cities and will either face with the government or other kaijus. I guess that you can say that Science Patrol is similar to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces fighting giant kaijus. Just so you know, the kaiju discussion is only present in 1966 version and the relaunch focuses on a human-sized Ultraman suit. The relaunch contains new visuals and throwbacks to some of the original characters of the 1966’s version. The fight sequences of Ultraman focus more on the streets and close hand-to-hand combat like martial arts. Also, SyFy Wire takes a more in depth approach to the Ultraman Franchise. They explain the specifics of Ultraman by guiding the readers in contrast over the 1966 and the 2019 versions of Ultraman. I do have to say if you click below and read the article be prepared for mild spoilers for the show.


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