Twitch Prime Meets Crunchyroll Premium

Previously, I have mentioned in another blog that Twitch and Crunchyroll are partnering up in streaming. Twitch and Crunchyroll already have a long-standing relationship, so it is not surprising that this is happening. Two years ago, Crunchyroll chooses the platform of Twitch to live stream their Anime Awards special. Twitch is generally known for its subscribers that have the interest for gaming and is part of the Amazon Prime paid membership. This decision was not a random occurrence but was based on the account of a preshow. The preshow was an effort to promote the Anime Awards Presented by Crunchyroll which got numbers of 1.3 million viewers. Twitch is known for all kinds of marathons and companies target the live streaming potential of Twitch to reach viewers for geek-related content. Fun fact, just the Anime Awards alone reached views of about a half million people online. It is not surprising with these numbers that Twitch would try Crunchyroll with a free trial first. Last time, Crunchyroll attempted a streaming partnership with Funimation that lasted about two years in the making. The benefiting party was mostly Crunchyroll while Funimation pulled out from the agreement in a shared catalog. If this is an indicator for the worse, then Twitch’s new partnership with Crunchyroll could result in failure or success depending on the final conclusion. So, what do we know at hand? Well, we know that Twitch has a newfound partnership and has a newfound demographic with the combined interest of gaming and anime. We might not be able to predict the future of this outcome, but we can conclude a door has been opened to untapped potential. When it comes to anime and gaming, it is so closely related that the animation, the soundtracks, storylines, and character development are key aspects in these fandoms. I hope that twitch and Crunchyroll can sort through the shared revenue in the joint operation for 30 days free in Crunchyroll.

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