Top Anime Traitors

Anime has moments where a character(s) try to double-cross other people in shows. These people are the type to do anything to achieve their goals even at times mass slaughter. A classic double agent scenario spikes up the plot and makes it more interesting. Here are the times where characters got betrayed like Rock from  Black Lagoon, Deadman Wonderland’s Ganta, The Sins of Seven Deadly Sins, Amano Yukiteru in Future Diary, the players of Btoom!, and Princess Yona in Yona of the Dawn. Rock is captured by the Black Lagoon crew who are for hire for trade secrets. In the beginning episodes, Rock’s company says that Rock would get a promotion and then have his family attend his funeral after the promotion. Ganta gets thrown in a prison where individuals use their blood as a living weapon in Deadman Wonderland. This is a case of mistaken identity where a person unknowingly has done the betraying in Ganta’s case for him being in the prison in the first place. Seven Deadly Sins is an anime that consists of knights who represent the elite from Liones. The Sins are the ones who are on the run trying to escape the status of outlaws with a huge betray by a former Great Holy Knight. Yukiteru is thrown in the midst of a new successor for the God of Time with wielders of other “Random Diaries.” Yukiteru’s entire timeline is overwritten by his unknown death and is brought back to life in another timeline. Btooom has characters who are sent to an island and are forced to do battle for survival. The characters are sent solely to the island based on the ones close to them thinking that they are not worthy to live. Yona of the Dawn is all about a tale of restoring power back to Princess Yona. Princess Yona has to flee her forsaken kingdom away for a person who by blood was not worth the throne he is sitting on. I hope these traitors get what is coming to them and some needing help for not understanding what they did wrong.

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