Special Humans in Bleach

Special Humans in Bleach Anime 

*Contains Major Spoilers for Bleach*


Bleach has lots of lore that is reflected in the many races. The audience is shown entire arcs, where particular races undergo quarrels, and declare war; Predominantly on Soul Society. The one race underestimated in Bleach is the Humans. Throughout Bleach, there are various cases where individual humans have high power levels. High spiritual pressures are equivalent to someone’s magic, or power, in the given series. When humans have abnormal levels of energy in their souls, they tend to attract humankind’s natural foe; The hollows. These unique humans range from high-specs humans, Substitute Soulreapers, Modified Souls, Quincies, Bounts, and Fullbringers.  


Humans that do not have a specific role, are categorized as “high-specs”. There are a few characters in Bleach who divide themselves into common and rare types of high specs. The common types express mediumship and spirit awareness. Firstly, Karin Kurosaki has mediumship for sensing capabilities, and Ichigo exposes his energy reserve to her. On the other hand, we have the least requirement for high specs; Spiritual awareness. Tatsuki or Keigo are examples of this power that can see Pluse’s spirits, Shinigami, and hollows. The rarer kinds of these unique humans, possess other special abilities. Don Kanonji is a spiritual mentalist who has different ideas on how to get rid of spirits than those of Ichigo. He possesses enough power to release a ball of varying speeds that destroys weak hollows. Also, Orihime Inoue has powers that create shields, reverses previous conditions, and attacks with a projectile beam. According to Aizen, Orihime’s power is “The Rejection of Events,” which can,“limit, reject, and negate any event directed at any target.” Most of the high specs in Karakura Town come about by Ichigo’s Substitute Shinigami status.


A Substitute Shinigami could take the mantle of a soul reaper. However, the only difference is that the soul will remain human, and requires separation of the body and the spirit. We first saw Ichigo stabbed by Rukia’s Zanpakutō and bestowed Shinigami’s powers. The case with Rukia suffered power reduction and stayed in the World of the Living for too long. This extended trip attracted the attention of the Soul Society, and made them ask questions. The Soul Society’s bylaws prohibit the grave taboo of giving a soul reapers power to a human. Now, the ordinances were mandatory, but there have been previous exceptions in the past. Furthermore, Soul Society allowed other Substitute Shinigami with a badge. The combat pass replaced Gokon Tekkō (forcibly removes one’s soul from their body) and Soul Candy (a pellet that takes in lu of the body or Gigai with an artificial soul). Soul Society made a Shinigami badge for Ichigo, which allerted the Hollows on his whereabouts. Ichigo’s reusable Soul Candy was Kon, a Modified Soul. 


Kon was the first Modified Soul to appear in Bleach, and is considered a defective product in Urahara Shop. Urahara Shop was the place for supernatural beings seeking supplies in the Human World. Kon was special because Modified Souls were beings that represent the perfect soldier, and were in an unanimated body (dead bodies or stuff animals). Soul Society declared the Mod Souls project unethical, and ordered the termination of all Mod Souls. Other Mod Souls proved useful in the Bount Arc in the anime. The others were Ririn (illusion powers), Noba (teleportation abilities), and Kurōdo (shape-shifting and power mimicry techniques), where Kitsuke Urahara designed them. These characters were Bount Sensors that helped in many ways; Such as  training for the Ichigo team. They were extraordinary humans; because, they needed actual bodies or Gigai (artificial vessels) to function correctly. Along with Mod Souls, we have Quincy type humans who differ significantly from Shinigami. 


Quincy (Monks of Destruction) are human mediums with acute detection abilities on Hollows. They have a long history with Shinigami, and, as a result, cause conflict later. Quincy destroys hollows while Shinigami purifies the hollows, and the souls return. Hollows hold the souls they have eaten, and the original human who was hollow. As the name suggests, Monks of Destruction completely erase a hollow’s existence, which interrupts the cycle of rebirth for spirits. This situation is one of the reasons why war raged against Shinigami and Quincy over 200 years ago in Bleach. Quincy also wears white clothing while it is standard for Shinigami to wear black.There is also a difference in weapons with the spirit weapon (Quincy) and a Zanpakutō (Shinigami). Their primary combat strategy is archery-based and long-distance attacks. They have other fighting capabilities like Hirenkyaku (high-speed), Blut (battle enhancement), and lots more. Reishi on the battlefield directly determines if a Qunicy can use their attacks. If there are no reishi, then the battle has little success. In the Bleach Anime, some individuals are similar to Quincy, the Bounts. 


Bounts were similar to Quincy in the ability of reishi manipulation, and course hollows seeking high spiritual pressures. The Bounts are a race of artificially created humans who came about by accident. This accident made them who they are, and was the result of a massive explosion. The project was led by Ran’Tao and her team; Who experimented on themselves for the hope of eternal life. The meltdown of the Jōkaishō (the device powering the research) entered the population for rebirth. Soon after, Bounts started to show up in the human population, and were treated as outcasts. Bounts had the powers of soul absorption, immorality, Bount Seals, and space manipulation. Soul absorption and ever-lasting life were related to Bounts eating human souls; This created the legend of vampires. Bount seals have various implications like summoning a doll for battle, rituals, and opening a portal. A significant taboo in Bount culture is to never consume a live human’s soul. Once they consume a live human soul, there is no going back. However, it leads to great power. This high power is known as empowerment and space manipulation. This guided the invasion of the Soul Society. Also, similar to Quincy, they interfered with the balance of souls and declared war to the enemies in the Bounts and Qunicy. Soul Society denied their existence, and the Bounts believed that their birthright was the Soul Society. After Bounts, we had Fullbringers; Whose powers were widespread and varied on the user.


Fullbringers are spiritually-aware humans who are born with their abilities. Fullbringers pride themselves with their given name of Fullbring to access object spirits close to them. In English, their name Fullbring meant “Full Manifestation Artist,” and that reflected the object for their power. They were Hollow Reiryoku beings, where the forces came from a hollow origin before birth. Like for example, Yasutora Sado’s (Chad) parents had a hollow incident before his birth. Chad’s abilities derived from his pride in the half-Mestizo lineage, and primarily manifested in his skin color. Chad was a Fullbringer, and the full limit for his skills was Brazo Izquierda del Diablo (Left Arm of the Devil). After he obtained Brazo Derecha de Gigante (Right Arm of the Giant), Fullbringer had to train and reach full status. Once they reach their most significant potential, they do not change anymore; However, they can keep training their bodies and strengthening to increase their endurance. There is power transference when a substitute shinigami like Ichigo and Ginjo. Ginjo steals Ichigo’s Fullbringer abilities and uses his badge as a catalyst for taking them. Other facts that concerned Fullbringers were that Hueco Mundo could speed one’s full power; They could still access Fullbringer in the afterlife and possessed different abilities (high speed and object affinity).  

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