Sound Users In Anime

Sound is said to be vibrations where waves travel through matter or other mediums to a receiver of sorts. People perceive sound to be noise in some areas but most of the time it is natural or daily life. It is constantly ever present in life to the point it is second nature and can be taken for granted. When it comes to sound in anime, I refer to the Soul Eater quote, “A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body” This quote might not be directly related to noise itself but it provides an interesting balance the of the ‘soul’ and how it can be smoothed and perfect unionity. These wavelengths measure up to various levels just like anime characters using sound in many ways. 

Miku Lzayoi (Date A Live) is the sixth Spirit to make an appearance in the show Spirits  “they trigger Spacequake” when they enter from another dimension after crossing over. These beings are mysterious but things that are confirmed in every one of them cause great damage when they arrive and their unique qualities (personality, power and info about the world). Miku is a human who later became a Spirit who hates men. She hates men so much that Shido, the main character, has to cross dress as a girl and when he is found out the entire city is after him. Basically, Miku has lots of anger to where she releases the full city at large through hypnosis powers of sound against Shido. She uses long-range sound attacks like March (strength enhancement to listeners), Rondo (restrains movement), Solo (brainwashing people as minions), Requiem (a relaxing effect like painkillers), and Symphony (vibrations in a sword technique).     

“Cobra” Erik (Fairy Tail) is a dark mage and is a former member of the Dark Guild known as Oración Seis. Oración Seis is made of six individuals including Cobra and is after the Nirvana, a powerful magic item which is long sealed away. As Erik’s codename, Cobra, suggests he uses Poison Slayer Dragon magic but his secondary magic is at question today. He uses sound magic and is said to read someone’s soul. Apparently, he hears your inner voice and determines what you are about to do something almost could be mind reading. This uncanny ability works best when the person’s “voice” has thoughts or processing memories. He can change the surrounding pressure around his body as a sound barrier or explosive power in the hands to send foes flying. The most useful ability is his advanced hearing and how his sensitive ears gives him more insight into the opponent’s actions and conservations far away.

Lynn Minmei (Robotech) is a singer who was really known especially for her efforts in the First Robotech War. She won the Miss Macross Beauty Contest and this led to her pop idol status on stage. She was so much of an icon that she became a symbol of the struggle of the Zentraedi. Zentradi are artificially created in nature and are a warrior class of aliens who start to wage war who are clones of the Robotech Masters. She would take the Robotech Saga universe by storm in her part with Dalza and the 4.8 million armada of ships when she sang “We Will WIn.” Dalza does not understand the concept of music and as a result is a little bewildered and loses his edge in battle. Later, she proves that singing has the power to convince other aliens to join S-1 in battle against the Zentraedi. She is the perfect example of a character with many talents like singing by day and fighting aliens by night, 

 Zebra (Toriko) is one of Four Heavenly Kings in the Age of Gourmet. Toriko is a world of great food and as a result of this Gourmet Hunters like Zebra try these amazing ingredients and culinary miracles in the Age of Gourmet. Of the Four Heavenly Kings, Zebra is the troublemaker of the group and as such is incarnated for supposed actions. It is rumored that he devastated the Gourmet market with his gluttonous appetite and the Anti-Zebra defense movement is really big. Anyway, he has great capabilities for his voice is superhuman and has many attacks and benefits in life with a single voice. He is able to use moves like Noise Lightning, Echo Map and Voice Sonar. However, if he loses his voice by staining it or losing too many calories in attacks then it takes a long time to recover calories agian and get his voice back. According to Zebra, “I’m the rules!” You guys’ve gotta adapt to me!” As a result, he is treated as a creature at times than a human.

Sound is what comes in present life all the time in many ways. Sound can range from white noise to buffer other sounds to supersonic jets in the skies. Whether it is quiet or really loud, sound can vary in either capacity and be always occurring for vibrations are the main causes for it. On one final note, there is Exploud who is the Loud Noise Pokemon. It is said that it causes sound quakes with it loud vibrations from the body that can be heard from miles away. As a result, sound would continue to prevail in it’s implantations in physics and science.

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