Sony’s “Be Moved” in Anime

Sony is seeking expansion in the anime industry through Aniplex. Aniplex is a Japanese anime and music production where any anime merchandise is a huge selling point. According to CBR, “An analyst says Sony has the expertise needed to succeed in globalizing anime, but it lacks the tools to stay ahead of the competition.” One way that Sony seeks globalization is using Aniplex’s company to carry out the measures necessary in China. The goal is to use Aniplex for Sony’s impact in the Chinese market for anime. Expanding in China means that Sony would have a greater impact in anime market than it has already had via Funimation. The proposal is set to be located in Shanghai of China for expanding its presence and marketing efforts in the region. The Shanghai’s office is set forward efforts of sellings anime products online and helping China in original animated shows. The expansion of Sony in China could be a precursor for what is coming for Sony’s future in Aniplex and Funimation. Maybe, Sony expanding in China has an indirect variation in Funimation’s partnership with Chinese streaming platform bilibili. With Funimation’s partnership and Aniplex’s presence in China at play, what does the future of Sony might look like? Is it a future in globalizing into an empire of worldwide distribution in anime? Or, is it a future that yields unsuccessful results for Sony and its stake in media? These questions are unknown and still would be unanswered till the point of it revealing itself. Give thanks for Megan Peters from for her story of Sony and read more of the articles of her work in fan-based writings.

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