Shield Hero’s Anime Poll

Anime is popular in many people and sometimes the judging the popularity can be difficult. You can say if an anime is popular then the creators can gauge the success by the sales of merchandise. Yes, merchandise can yield an anime’s success in some ways like Pikachu being the face of Pokemon. Merchandise only measures the success of an anime in selling the brand of the show or franchise. A more direct way for measuring is a poll giving people the chance to vote for the purpose behind it. Polls supply a voice for people regarding the anime or questions for them to express their opinion. People’s words about a series can now provide statistical data or percentages reflecting the overall answers from the audience. The poll at question today is one that concerns a certain heroic-based legend in a shield dominating character in anime. The Rising of the Shield Hero had a poll from Crunchyroll focusing on the popularity of the characters in the show. On the Crunchyroll’s website, the poll experienced a total of 62876 votes. The two placeholders of the poll that came in first and second are Naofumi at 39.4 percent and Raphtalia at 33.5 percent. It is not surprising that these two characters are 2.1 percent shy of 75 percent majority in the poll. More importantly, the figures could represent what a meaningful relationship could mean both for Naofumi and Raphtalia in an excellent portrayal of the understanding between two people. Fun fact, the top seven characters are either Naofumi himself or in Naofumi’s inner circle who want to support him and are seen in a positive light in the show. In conclusion, it is important for polls to occur because it allows feedback from the fans for the creator and collects data in specific areas. Post scriptum (P.S.), the most popular polls in the anime community are the best anime category for types of anime, themed polls, and anime questions.

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