Sekiro and Dororo’s Similarities

Important Notice: [SPOILERS] This contains major spoilers of Dororo anime and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Anime has a lot of characters and sometimes a character could be a coincidence with another character. The characters who are similar are from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice game and Dororo anime. FreeSoftware’s game of Shadows Die Twice follows The Wolf who is a soldier during Japan’s Sengoku Jidai which is the warring states period. Dororo is an anime where Hyakkimaru is left adrift and becomes an orphan. These characters are related through looks, war times exposition, and overall similar experiences in life. Wolf and Hyakkimaru both have ties to the Sengoku period and had mentors who saved them from being orphans. These mentors took them in and taught them the value of fighting to overcome the evil of the world. The desperation for power is a main motive of Genichiro in Sekiro using Dragon Heritage power to rise up a supernatural army and Daigo in Dororo using his son as a supernatural sacrifice to obtain power over the land. Battle is often followed by the characters and they have the wounds to prove it. Hyakkimaru has the battle wounds where his father, Daigo, caused him to be born with malformed body parts and other birth defects. On the other hand, Wolf lost his arm in battle and sought out the person who took it. Mentors are a type of people who are bounded by teaching and the ones in both stories reflect this attribute. Both characters would not have a fighting chance without the efforts from the Sculptor, a former shinobi named Sekijo, and Doctor Jukai, a former subordinate under Lord Shiba. The Wolf is given the Shinobi Prosthetic by Sekijo which replaces his lost arm with gadgets and weaponry to fight with. Doctor Jukai gave Hyakkimaru’s entire body prosthetics and one special prosthetic that is a blade and forged out of vengeance for killing goblins and other supernatural entities. With having body enhancements, Hyakkimaru and The Wolf also have an Akane background in healing. Wolf has Dragon Blood where it prevents death by resurrection and Hyakkimaru has demonic healing from his father’s attempt of obtaining power. One last thing, both characters are warned about going down the dark path of killing and be cautious of the consequences of their actions.

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