Rising Avengers Into Anime Sequence

The Rising of the Shield Hero has many good plot lines like a story of a lost hero. My post today is about the song of “Rise” performed by Madkid. Rising of the Shield Hero’s opening is applied to a very well known trailer of Avengers: Endgame with Japanese subtitles. This fanmade video of Endgame is provided by WICKYNTHIL xp on youtube. Captain America highly represents Naofumi from The Rising of the Shield Hero in the way he fights with a shield and being underestimated in fights. The eye-catching tune of “Rise” is very iconic and fits itself well in the Avengers trailer. I think the video is worth watching for its fandom of Marvel and anime combined together. I know that everyone might not be a fan of Marvel or The Rising of the Shield Hero anime but please at least give it a try for the video is only two minutes. Also, click the link below from Geektyrant.com for the article from Joey Paur.


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