Reaction to Broken Powers

The world of anime is mysterious and leaves audiences left questioning sometimes. One mystery is how powerful characters actually are in reality and in their respected universes. Now, I am not going to discuss overpowered characters but instead some characters processing  broken powers or abilities. A broken power is the uncanny ability of a character’s power being so overwhelming that only a few characters can match the character in battle. The two characters that I stumbled upon in the Animo Anime group post by The Webb are Lord Aizen from Bleach and Shigeo Kageyama from Mob Pyscho. Lord Aizen’s ability changes the course of the battle in his favor in a split second. People who face him haves no idea what happened and how to defeat. A character’s ability that leaves opponents pondering and second guessing themselves is really a mystery to see first hand. Shigeo Kageyama power is literally in the title of Mob Pyscho meaning the power of the mind. Throughout fiction, the power of the mind is devastating and the power level depends on the emotions. A character’s mindset is key when it comes powers especially psychic abilities. The true mystery is how somebody is able to control so much power with only their mind and emotions boosting power levels. These are two of the characters out of the four discussed in the post below. I explained the characters powers in vague terms to avoid spoilers of the anime. To read more, I instruct you to see the broken powers for yourself, but you are warned for the post contains spoilers of the characters and plots of the shows mentioned.

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