Pi Day Celebrated Through Anime

Important Notice: Post Contains Spoilers for the .hack Series

In celebration of Pi Day, I was thinking of a way to discuss Pi and its connection to maybe anime. I found a character actually in the .hack series named Pi. It starts when Reiko Saeki is a character in .hack//Roots and plays as Ender. Ender is seeking a challenge and is known as a “PKer”. A “PKer” is short for player killer and Ender is a character who kills strong players agianst in a fight. Ender is an allias that Reiko uses when she is at CC Corp. Reiko is a system administrator at CC Corp.  According to dothack fandom, “Reiko played as Ender until TaN was disbanded and then resumed her true form as Pi.” Pi is present in .hack//G.U. and .hack//Link anime seasons. Here is my brief entry concerning Pi Day and check more about Pi in wiki below about the character.


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