Pets in Anime

Anime is full of animals that are either pets, sidekicks, or partners. Animals always delight us with funny moments, strong bonds, and a sense of family. Panda in Shirokuma Cafe works part-time at the zoo and visits the cafe very often. He loves iced coffee and especially loves bamboo after Polar Bear ordered for him at the cafe. This panda is lazy, obsessed with panda merchandise, and sometimes dim-witted. Pen Pen is a penguin who lives in Misato’s apartment in the second freezer in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Misato’s penguin is a joy to have around like reading newspapers, enjoying hot spring baths, and even drinking beer. Also, Pen Pen is a genetically modified animal with advanced experimentation that escaped death by Misato’s adoption. Totoro is a forest spirit that dwells in the largest camphor tree in a village.  He is the companion of the Kusakabe siblings and is the giant Totoro among the three Totoros. When My Neighborhood Totoro arrived in theaters, it became so popular that the mascot of Studio Ghibli is Totoro. Ein from Cowboy Bebop is a highly intelligent dog that got treated as a scientific specimen. He later joined the crew after the perpetrators who kidnapped him got defeated. Also, he is a valuable scientific breakthrough in being a “data dog.” “Fighting evil by moonlight and saving love by daylight” is a classic quote from Sailor Moon. Artemis (the white cat) and Luna (the black cat) are cats that served as the advisors to Queen Serenity. They would eventually serve under Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. Animals and animal representations are always present and are part of anime to come. These animals are traveling companions, servants to masters, transportation, and many more roles in anime.

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