Overwatch Fans Desiring an Anime

Overwatch is a game series that is online and is mainly a multiplayer shooting game. The game has a rooster of 30 characters and is still growing in characters called heroes. It has many nominations for game of the year awards and is depicted to be one of the greatest games ever to some. Actually, the post today is about how the game has an interesting lore. Overwatch has made shorts of animated clips and stories showing the origins of various characters. These shorts get so popular that fans want them to be source material for an actual anime. There is a huge following of the anime idea for Overwatch that a fan submitted an Overwatch AMV. The video was uploaded on the Overwatch Reddit page by noobplaysnewpc and got hundreds of likes for the video. I think the video is really well made and the song complements the animated shorts like it belongs to the video. The song’s arrangement is smooth and drives the narrative of what the heroes are facing in Overwatch. Finally, Eli Becht from Dexerto goes in saying that “For some strange reason, the music works very well with the animation and now we want to see full episodes produced.” Will Eli Becht’s wish ever come true for an Overwatch anime? Watch the song on the site below or go to the Overwatch Reddit page under Anime OP for the Overwatch Animated Shorts. *ChouCho for the original video.


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