Online Comic Con

Online Comic-Con 

Life right now in the convention community, there is a lot of confusion and cancelations. The Novel Coronavirus primarily caused these cancelations. With this mind, large events are either put on hold or not happening altogether. What if I told you if there was a virtual comic con? It is called Stay At Home Comic-Con (SATCC), and it reflects the pride of the convention community. It is a tribute to vendors earning income to fans having an escape from social distancing. Get ready and mark your calendars for March 28th-29th, 2020, for this unique comic con is coming soon. 

The organizers capitalized on the public health trend of social distancing and made an online event. Without them, it would not occur, and they are Irene Berbee, Gladys P. Nut &  Art on Xodosch. It is a collaboration among like-minded comic enthusiasts coming together and giving back to the community. The idea of Stay At Home Comic-Con might sound crazy, but with everything going on, it is a smart thing to do it online. Everyone is at home, and why not bring a chance for people online to be closer virtually via Discord and Twitch.

Discord is a community where people can chat within a group setting and are invited via a link. You might say it is another Facebook or social media, and while that is true, it is not the whole truth. Initially, the platform was for gaming and soon after exploded for many groups. On the Discord server, SAHCC divides the categories by Cosplay, Comic-Con Memories, special offers, Artists, and other specific channels. I like the names of the voice chats like Stark Tower, Batcave, Cosplay Hangout, and others. Discord is well maintained; the Twitch channel would allow free visitors to view the live-stream. On the live-stream, there are about 60 different programs scheduled according to the website. The line of panels, workshops, and selling times are all available and ready for audiences to view this weekend. 

The programming this weekend includes many activities related to comics. Some of the notable programs for me are Lecture – Tips for novice (fantasy) writers?, Making Stories, and Animation Class. “Lecture – Tips for novice (fantasy) writers?” is hosted by Jesse van Willigenburg from 12:00-12:30. Jesse is the founder of Skilltree Entertainment, a writer, and a gamer by heart. He is live streaming the panel on his Twitch channel, which is SkilltreeOnTwitch. Making Stories is proudly hosted by Willem Ritstier from 14:00 – 14:30 on Saturday. Willem is an artist from CartoonsforBreakfast, which is a magazine and one of the sponsors for SAHCC.  He is the creator of the fictional character of Mimoo for the magazine, and his panel reflects this on the CartoonsforBreakfast Facebook page. Finally, the Animation Class is a panel by     

Pan-plastique, which goes from 16:30 to 17:00. Pan-plastique is known for his roles as an animator, artist, and YouTuber. He makes original art for 3D looking stretches, stickers, and more on his marketplace on his Instagram. 


The Stay At Home Comic-Con is an activity that is like no other and free for attendance online. The guests could connect vendors, other guests, and generally watch the event from their couches. There is a giveaway if you sign up for the free ticket and register for the drawing. I like the Cosplay Contest on the website, and let’s see who would be the winner. During this time, I hope you guys are safe in your homes and try to practice good choices for anti-virus precaution. Remember, the times right now might seem eerie, but eventually, there would be a resolution.   Also, if you want to participate and see some of the programmings, then click on the programs. The program section is top of the screen and selects the activity you wish, then sees and bravo a live stream on the host’s social media.


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