No Longer Human Revisited

Polygon Pictures announces a revision of the classic No Longer Human movie from 1948. No Longer Human explores the S.H.E.L.L. system revolutionizes the medical industry through life changing discoveries. These new medical breakthroughs have unforeseen consequences which causes the Human Lost. Youzou Oba experiences life after the failing by the S.H.E.L.L. network in Toyko of the Human Lost. Youzou finds himself meeting Masao Horiki who might be a bad influence on Oba. Eventually, Youzou Oba will embrace the role of why the anime is called No Longer Human. Polygon Pictures states the revision of No Longer Human to be released worldwide in 2019. Plus, Polygon Pictures is known for its work in Shiseido commercials of Rocky and Hopper and its contribution in Ghost in the Shell movies of Innocence and the Sky Crawlers. As Polygon describes the conflict “Japan teeters wildly between two potential futures: civilization’s restoration, or its destruction” So when you get a chance to see the revision of this classic anime please do and see the world of No Longer Human. The site below has spoilers about the series so be careful when reading.

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