New Thresholds in Anime

Anime is made in many ways through its evolution. However, have you ever heard of someone hacking their way into anime? Hacking into anime is meant to reenergize the industry and possibly find a new way in making anime. There is an event that matches this description which the 0th Anime Hackathon delivers on. The hackathon is set to be on April 30th, 2019 and challenges engineers to set new ways of anime production. Hosting is done by TWIN ENGINE Inc. production company and Pancake creative studio partnering up for the hackathon. Participates of the challenge will have access to many resources for creating a short animation. They will use game designing programs, augmented reality, and virtual reality techniques for different animated content. The contest is to see the innovation that comes from individuality of minds willing to create something totally new. A jury is expected to be shown at the event including Ryo-timo, Junichi Yamamoto, and Yuuki Sakoda. Ryo-timo is known as an anime director and a character designer whose work involves Birdy the Mighty: Decode and Yozakura Quartet. Junichi Yamamoto is a person who works as an animator and as well as a director in shows like his contribution in Pop Teams Eric segments and Team Drive. Yuuki Sakoda is the front liner of the hackathon whose has connections with both TWIN ENGINE and Pancake. 0th Anime Hackathon is happening at Tokyo’s Future Tech Hub with registration at 2,000 yen which is about 18 dollars. Fun fact, there was an expansion of 20 to 30 entries for the event due to the immense popularity. I challenge those who think that they can create a new anime style in the near future even without the hackathon. For more information, go to Crunchyroll News article below and click the hyperlink to the 0th Anime Hackathon website.

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