New England Meets Anime Boston

Anime is universal when it comes to fans admiring the content. Without an established fanbase, there might be less anime in the industry due to lack of money. It is very important for people to support their creators in anime and manga. One way in supporting creators is to start a group of like-minded individuals bonding over anime. This is true for the New England’s locker room where an anime club is formed and embraced by the Patriots. A group of people with similar passions makes anime universal and makes people if they want to contribute to merchandise or sales of anime. Patriots’ locker room was a story where an anime club met Anime Boston. According to the tweet from @Patriots, the players who went to Anime Boston in 2018 were Lawrence Guy, Deatrich Wise Jr., Keionta Davis, Ufomba Kamalu, and Adam Butler. The tweet was posted on May 9, 2019, and stirred a lot of fan reaction at the announcement. This just goes to show how much impact anime really has on mainstream media. Also, there are other associations in sports with anime like The New Day from WWE and Johnny O’Bryant in Philadelphia 76ers. The New Day is a tag team of three people and were seen dressed up as Super Saiyans at WWE’s Wrestlemania 32. Johnny O’Bryant was so love in anime that he started his own manga company at Noir Caesar and the website for that is At the end of the day, we are only humans and the love of anime is shared by many. Let’s hope for athletes continuing to love anime and spread the message that anime has redeeming qualities.

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