Nationalities In Hetalia Anime

Hetalia is an anime where countries are put on show and satire stereotypes in the characters whose country they come from. The reason why I chose this anime is specifically because of the Texan Flag being changed six times. Texas’s history begins with the Spanish flag, the French flag, the Mexican flag, the Republic of Texas flag, the Confederate flag, and finally, the American Flag. Spain in Hetalia is a character who gets tortured by England and the Netherlands and even worse was “beaten by younger America”. He does not “read the atmosphere” very well but is very happy for sunshine in Spain. He is very close with France, Romano, and Prussia throughout the anime for he is often seen hanging out with them. France (Francis Bonnefoy) was all-powerful but after Napoleon Bonaparte dying the country instead had the world loved his wine. He is very hands-on and embraces the idea “The City of Love” (Paris) a little too much. His relations with other countries results in harassment claims, and he announces himself as  “the dandiest among the dandies.” Mexico (Ramiro Sabas Graciano) is a side character in the Hetalia franchise. He is known to wear his “tan Charro suit with fingerless-holed gloves” for special occupations. Ramiro is the type of person to constantly test any relationship he is in, even beginning WWII. The Republic of Molossia represents the Republic of Texas from the anime in my opinion. Molossia is a micronation that is not recognized as a country in the state of Nevada in America and is similar to the Texan Republic by it being short lived. The republic is also a character who has a double personality in his private life and public life. Confederacy (Alexander S. Jones) is a fan-made character for the Hetalia series. Alex, a.k.a “South,” is the made-up younger brother to America and sought assistance from England and France but miserably failed on trade. Proposal for birthday change is on February 8th in honor of CSA’s Provisional Constitution. America (Alfred F. Jones) is your stereotypical American who is obsessed with exercise and junk food as some of his characterizations. The real brother of America is Canada who lies in the shadows of him and is mistaken for his brother at times. Alfred is known for the classic look of a bomber jacket with the number 50 on the back of it as the United States. Therefore, four of the six flags for Texas are legitimate while two are questionable.

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