Names for Anime Fandoms

Names often share a unique identity where people can use it to identify the specific noun. The importance of names is very apparent in people but also places, ideas, and other specific things. People feel more connected to something having a name like Fairies, Spiralists, Shinigamiphiles, Evageeks, or T&Bros. In the anime community, these names mentioned sharing the traits of identifying anime fandoms coined by fans. Fairies are the name that Fairy Tail members call themselves in their guild. Fairy Tail Zero answers the question of the fairy part in the name which the founder questioned if fairies had tails or not. Whether fairies have tails or not, does matter to some but the appeal of fairies is very mysterious in the anime. Spiralists refers to the power source in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Spiral power is the energy that humans and other spiral beings use to exist. There is also the movement that opposes the spiral power who are the Anti-Spirals. Shinigamiphiles might be an unusual name for the Bleach fandom but it is widely accepted. The name refers to the Shinigami aspect of Bleach which soulreepers fight against enemies who disrupt the balance of Soul Society. Fun fact, Ichigo is a Substitute Shinigami who eventually helps to fight overpowered antagonists in the anime. Evageeks has a huge following in the Neon Genesis Evangelion community. The term would be the name of the website as an of continuation of the Evangelion Commentary Project. The English side of NGE establishes ‘evageeks’ as endearing and welcoming to dubbed and maybe subbed fandoms. T&Bros is the name for Tiger&Bunny fans who are dedicated to this pair of superheroes. Kotetsu T. “Wild Tiger” Kaburagi and Barnaby “Bunny” Brooks Jr. is the unlikely pair of superheroes brought together by their employers. They have to cooperate with one another regardless if they want to or not in heroics. Names have meanings and are not just words explaining the life around us. Without names, the world would be the same and people would be lost in the meaning of individualism.

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