Manga Mural Going on Trains

Real life and anime are more related than people give it credit for. Anime reflects what happens in actual life and sometimes reveals itself as places. One such place is Tokyo’s Shibuya Station near the 7A exit or entrance where anime and manga have come alive. Tokyo’s Shibuya Station is notorious for countless appearances in anime like Angel Beats, Norgami, or Tokyo Ravens. The name of Shibuya commonly refers to the shopping district of Shibuya Station in Japan, which is one of the busiest train stations in Toyko. Just as Shibuya signifies shopping, it also signifies a mural where Shonen Jump and Weekly Shonen characters are seen on the walls. Murals create a culture in the street and public art to admire and look at in the public sector. It embraces a partnership between Weekly Shoen Jump and Weekly Shonen Magazine in an epic crossover. The characters on the mural are from Ace of Diamond, Attack on Titan, Seven Deadly Sins, Haikyu and other anime or manga. A mural of this scope spans about 100 feet on walls in Toyko Metro station in Shibuya in a school backdrop. The school setting paints the scene of a time capsule aesthetic of high school life depicted in yearbook pages. Flowing is the movement across a surface in the art community and the idea of it in the mural is virtually pleasing. Characters who are not normally together are seen in the schoolyard, roof, gym, classes, halls, and front lobby of this fictional area of learning. Fun fact, a collaboration of this size between the two Shonen publishing companies has not been seen since the 2,264-page adaption of Shonen Junmaga. The mural of Jumo I Maganize would only be around for an undisclosed amount of time meaning that it is temporary. We need to thank Shueisha and Kodansha for yet again another attempt in bringing characters together in the Shonen universe of two companies. Let’s hope that the anime spirit will live on in hearts who admire it and appreciate the future value of anime.【pics】/

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