Magic Knight X’s Crossover

In the coming week, there is a special crossover of Black Clover promoting an interesting series in the crossover. The series that is questioned is actually the film Eiga no Osomatsu-san featuring the Matsuno sextuplets of Osomatsu-san. The promotion of the movie is an one time deal in the special appearance. In the picture on, Asta and the oldest Matsuno sexuplet are wearing the other’s clothes. The title of the episode is Magic Knight X which has fans questioning if the the picture was true or not. The series that wanted the crossever might have confused some anime fans who thought it as fan art. I did not realize that the picture was the real deal until now. I seen in it other sources on the interent and it flew above my head to the point of not checking. I hope this crossever adds to the story of Black Clover, for the story started a tad slow in the beginning. Look at the source below for more information on the special crossover of Black Clover.

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