Japan’s Cinco De Mayo

Festivals are things that Japan really serious for social gatherings and overall fun with these events. Anime is no exception when endorsing cultural festivals, especially in the school genre. Sometimes, we see a high school setting celebrating a cultural festival usually ran by student activities committee or clubs. Festivals are always seen in the anime world because a time of fun sets the mood for friends and relationships in anime. A chance to let loose makes people feel good and experience a break on life. Japan has many festivals where the purpose is to celebrate one’s heritage and others from foreign sources. One of the foreign-based festivals is Cinco De Mayo based from Mexico and the Battle of Puebla. By the way, Cinco De Mayo is a holiday that focuses on Mexico’s attempt to fend off the French, not Mexican Independence Day. Mexican food is often hard to find in Japan but the festival will embrace this idea a lot and focus on many aspects of cultural events. Anyway, anime has made you want to participate in festivities and events occurring. Also, festivals play an important role in a series like maybe an entire arc in the manga or anime. For example, the Grand Magic Games in Fairy Tail sets up the hidden villain in the midst of everything. Another one is the Moon Banquet Festival Arc in Food Wars’s Third Plate where the fiery cooks at Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute compete on booths selling food. When you see a festival arc, do not let it be boring but try to watch it. The event is set to be on May 11th to May 12th instead of May 5th for a celebration of Cinco De Mayo. I hope that this small insight in Cinco De Mayo gives a clue in Japanese culture and their appreciation for other countries around the world.


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