Is Inuyasha a better anime than DBZ?

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Inuyasha follows a half-demon who tries to do what is right. He later meets Kagome who has an interesting power relating to the jewel shards in the adventure genre. Dragon Ball is a shonen and has an alien who identifies as human. He soon becomes the protector of Earth and takes on many cosmic and other super-powered villains. Inuyasha has bonded to friends and go on a journey while the friendships in Dragon Ball focus to survive in several battles. I say that if you love the supernatural and demons then Inuyasha is a show for you. Dragon Ball is prolonged fights scenes at times and has a heavy focus on superpowers and Chi. The half-demon takes us on a venture into Feudal Japan and Dragon Ball portrays the Chinese lure like the Chi and a green dragon. Dragon Ball is a longer series since the 90s of 800 plus episodes and the other one had a 100 plus episodes with a definite ending. Villains in Dragon Ball are many but Inuyasha is in a brother rivalry and one in many variations of the same person. Honestly, this is a hard question to answer for the two shows are on different appeals and audiences. In my opinion, I am not able to answer the question concerning the topic of which one is stronger. My answer reveals that Inuyasha and Dragon Ball are equals in anime content and fights for the same spot in anime classics. Dragon Ball is very mainstream and Inuyasha has a cult following that suggests it is well known in the anime community. I hope that the answer helps with both shows and gives clarity for the context expressed in the 90s’ appeal of both.

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