Inukami Anime Review

Have you ever had any second thoughts about whether a character has something more to them or not? 

Inukami has Keita Kawahira where he tries to succeed and faces conflicts head-on. Throughout the show, we see the old cliche of innuendos thrown out and a new twist on the term fanservice. The refreshing quality of the anime is the Ecchi genre being portrayed differently through fanservice aspects. Keita follows his family roots in fighting the supernatural along with a lover’s quarrel at the same time. Figuratively speaking, we can say that Keita represents the elephant in the room where he ever goes. 

Keita Kawahira is the protagonist and has ties to the Inukami user family. Inukamis are dog-like creatures with high spiritual pressures who aid their masters in battle to vanquish evil. The Kawahira family are generations of Inukami tamers to the point where the honor and carrying the blessing of family is sacred. However, Keita takes honor and transforms it into something of a joke at times. He takes the teachings in and treats it as part-time instead of full-time. He constantly distracts himself by pursuing his selfish desires. 

He gets the short end of the stick for because his behavior leaves a lingering stench of habit. He is obsessed with women to the point where Yoko, who is his Inukami, has to be Keita patrol for the sake of other women. Yoko is not like any other Inukami where she acts rash and uncontrollable. Keita formed the contract with Yoko to serve as his Inukami, and he believed in a master and servant relationship. Yoko believes that Inukami and master is something where the Inukami is in control over the master instead. She is constantly abusing Keita over his perverted nature and obsession over women. 

In Yoko’s eyes, Keita needs to only be with her and no one else. This is explained more in detail how they first met one another in the mountain valley where the Kawahira head elderlies. I consider Kieta lucky because Yoko was the sole Inukami to respond to interest to serve under Keita. Other Inukami servants did not express interest in his history in the Kawahira family for disappointments and women’s cravings. There are many times in the show where Yoko treats Keita as a dog instead of a master. This creates irony for Inukamis are dog lifeforms and Keita misbehaves as a dog more than Yoko. If there was one word to describe these two which is chaotic. 

I really like how their relationship grows and blossoms into something meaningful. They are constantly with each other and have a bond that can only be described as complicated. She can be either be proud of Keita for something unexpected or his usual pervy self. Yoko is really harsh to him at times especially when it comes to his punishments if he misbehaved. The punishments can range from hitting with a frying pan, blasting him with fire attacks, and the most extreme of teleporting him out of his clothes and leaving him to roam the streets. He roams the streets so much that he earned the reputation of the Streak Lord and an inner circle of fans who refer themselves as “hiding in the darkness.” 

Overall, I give Inukami a score of 8.5 out of10 stars for funny moments and a good storyline. With any show, it takes time to build up characters and Inukami could be a little slow when it comes to storytelling. As Inukami continues, the plot thickens a bit more for past episodes start to connect with references with other events. The plot takes a different direction when we see Keita take a certain fight more seriously and see his resolve to other fights to come. On one side note, the comedy is mature in terms of context of portraying men’s desires and Keita’s almost daily public flashing routine. My favorite time during Inukami is when Keita proves to people for there is more to him than a pervert. Finally, I recommend this show for anyone looking for a different take on ecchi, its lures of the supernatural and its inviting atmosphere of triumph. 

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