Interspecies Reviewers Anime Review

Interspecies Reviewers
Is This Anime Actually Good?
Author: Zorez Shahzad

Interspecies Reviewers or Ishuuzoku Reviewers is an ecchi fantasy anime with a strong blend of comedy. Whilst this anime does have some pretty intense ecchi scenes, it is more geared towards making you laugh. Interspecies Reviewers also gives us a very nice cast of characters which blend in quite well with the quirky environment of the show. First of all, let us take a look at the plot of this anime.

Being set in a fantasy world, Interspecies Reviewers is filled to the brim with different creatures. They range from small and cute fairies to disgustingly gooey slimes. With such a diverse range of species available, the question in everyone’s mind is that, “Which race is the sexiest?”.
This question has remained unanswered for a very long time, but now, thankfully, a group of brave men have risen and took it upon themselves to have a taste of every single species available. These men thoroughly assess every type of girl in their world and give them a final rating based on their sexiness. The brave souls don’t fear anything as they are willing to face any difficulty for their research. They are willing to go through the harshest of environments and even follow rumors, just to find the correct answers to their question.
The plot of this anime seems pretty original and interesting. Now, let us take a look at some other aspects of this show.

Just from the plot alone, we can tell that this show is going to be extremely funny. And Interspecies Reviewers does not disappoint. This show gives us humor in the most unexpected and quirky ways. The best thing about the comedic element of this anime is its over-the-top nature. Interspecies reviewers presents every scene in the most exaggerated manner possible, which just leaves all of us viewers speechless and adds to the over the top setting of the show. Another thing that I love about the comedic aspect of this show is the fact that it does not get repetitive. Every episode is a new experience, a new journey, and to add, it’s refreshing and funny. The comical aspect of the show is handled in a very beautiful manner. It improves the anime’s atmosphere and makes it even more entertaining.

Being a show about different species, Interspecies reviewers has a very diverse cast. They have different creatures all unique with their specific traits, adding to the main premise of the show, giving the audience a real sense of its diversity. However, only the main characters are given an actual realistic personality as they are the stars of the show. The side characters are just given a single trait which defines their whole existence, which is not a bad thing as it just makes the whole anime even funnier. It is very hard to give character development and personality to a character which only appears for a single episode, so, I totally understand what the show did with all the side characters. As for the main characters, however, they seem pretty realistic, and they stick to their role. These characters go through character development as well as their experience with each girl changes them in one way or another.

Interspecies Reviewers has decided to adopt a very goofy and colorful style of animation. And it totally suits the setting of this show! The animation style is a little more cartoonish as compared to other anime, and it really stands out. All the character designs are pretty intense as all the different species are represented in their own unique way.

Is Interspecies Reviewers Just Another Ecchi Anime? Definitely not!

Like I said at the start of this article, Interspecies Reviewers focuses less on the Ecchi and more on the comedy aspect. This show, in a way, is a parody of the whole world of hentai as it shows us a glimpse of what weirdness goes on in that world without being too blunt. It depicts the perfect setting of a fantasy world and in a way, represents our hopes and dreams.
Our two main characters are a human and an elf, who are later on followed by an angel as well. These two main characters are willing to do anything for their research. They work very hard and are experts of their art. Their rating for every creature is very informational as they don’t just throw out random numbers. They carefully analyze each creature to give out the most honest reviews.
Interspecies Reviewers might seem like just another Ecchi anime at first, but this anime is much more than that. It has all the elements of a good gag anime. And the anime’s execution of jokes makes this parody of the Ecchi genre stand out. All the facts about different creatures in this anime are actually real and well-researched. This anime does mess around within that department. And some of these aspects can even be traced back to our real life.

Final Thoughts
Being as different and quirky as it is, Interspecies Reviewers is a much-needed addition to the list of Ecchi anime. Despite being depicted as an Ecchi parody, this anime can be enjoyed by a wide range of audience. This anime is very light-hearted and has a very diverse cast. It has something for everyone. That being said, this anime is still not meant for kids. It has a lot of nudity and adult jokes which are not suitable for a young audience. Having an original and unique plot and very nice comedic elements, Interspecies Reviewers is very entertaining and a must-watch for every anime fan. As for actual numbers, I’d like to give this anime a 7 out of a 10, and considering the fact that it is an Ecchi anime, that is a pretty good rating.

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