How Religion is Depicted in Anime?

The blog from An on the Anime Amino Apps Group talks about interesting of Religion and Anime. This blog discusses Japanese culture reflected in anime. Japan only has two main religions which are Buddhism and the Shinto religion. Apparently, the Shinto religion is exclusively found in Japan and is constantly displaying in various amines. Shinto is where Japanese citizens celebrate different deities in worship in front of shrines. Shrines are a heavy culture in anime and is more present than temples depicted in Buddhism. Shows like Mushimushi and Noragamai are some of the examples of the Shinto religion in anime from the blog. Also, it discusses shrines represented in anime that are actual shrines in real life. Shrines are just some of depictions from the real world inspiring the places and buildings shown in anime. I really like how this blog explained the two religions that are present in Japan. The inspired blog entry below has spoilers for anime that have religions involved in the shows and plots. Please check out the other blogs from An on Japanese culture  and her entries on the Anime Amino Group.

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