How Money is Viewed in C-Control

I just finished an anime series that was really thought provoking about the value of money. C-Control is an anime about a parallel universe of the Financial District and real life Tokyo coexist. The anime explores Kimimaro who gets introduced to a Midas Bank Representative called Masakaki. Masakakai notices Kimimaro is between two part time jobs and sees his money situation is tight. Kimimaro gets a Midas card which allows him to call upon an inter-dimensional taxi to the Financial  District and perform transactions in Midas money. However, the deal involving the Midas card has strings attached like Kimimaro’s future being collateral for the loan of accessing the Midas money and performing deals once a week. The ultimate goal of the deal is to fight other Midas card holders called Entres and their assets in a duel to bankrupt the other fighter. The most interesting aspect of C-Control is someone’s future can be stripped away from them if they lose a deal. A person’s future is reflected in their assets and leads people living a life without meaning. The entire series questions that someone’s future is valuable and should be treasured. Also, an important lesson to take from this anime is that money is only worth the trust that people put in. Society determines money to be valuable and without this value money is worthless. I hope this helps people see what C-Control is all about from the post at question.

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