Honoring Pokemon Day

Honoring Pokemon Day 

Today, the official day for Pokemon is happening on February 27th, 2020. Pokemon Day celebrates the whole Pokemon Franchise dating back to games to start it off. Officially, Japan had the first games of Pocket Monsters Red and Pocket Monsters Green, and with the special edition Pocket Monsters Blue as well in 1996. Pokemon would continue to shape society with many highlights over the years like a Super Bowl commercial or even Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. In honor of this day, I am discussing a special throwback game close to my heart, which is Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition.

I happen to have a book for the original walkthrough for Pokemon Yellow with the Dos and Don’ts suggestions for the game. 

“Do play this game with a friend — or, better, two!”

 “Trading is integral to Pokemon. The sooner you get used to it, the better off you’ll be.” The game has many trading options both in-game and out-of-game trading. The out-of-game trading is exclusively link cables with other Game Boys either a friend or by yourself. You can not catch all pokemon unless you trade like fighting Pokemon at “Splinter Gym in Saffron City” or even the starter Pokemon in Red/Blue (RB). Along as you have a Game Boy and a link cable, you can trade the original Pokemon Yellow. Also, follow the rule playing wit a friend or friends to make it more interesting. In-game trading occurs when you trade a Pokemon with an NPC in the game. Personally, my favorite in-game trade is Dugtrio for Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime has a really good attack boost with moves like Psychic and Magical Leaf and even better earns 1.5 EX points in battle. In-game trades are a double-edged sword for they level up quickly and you risk them not obeying you without the proper badge.

“Don’t Concentrate on raising one character over the others!”

“It’s a familiar scenario: you get a Pokemon you really like and you use it more often than any of the others. However, it’s better to share the wealth—and experience points—for several reasons.” I am a person who is known for this at times and often have to train other Pokemon match levels. As the book says, ‘a balanced team’ is key to defeat the Elite Four. This means your team should have a max of six and represents different types with a variety of moves. Actually, building a team is personal and as such you need to give them special attention to win against the Elite Four. There are many times where I retrained a new team to defeat the same group over again to prove that I can defeat them consecutively. Pikachu is at a severe disadvantage when trying to defeat Brock’s Gym because the ground type is immune to electric type move. It is crucial to raise Pikachu’s level to learn Quick Attack to spam it on rock types or catch Mankey that knows low kick. Finally, rock and ground types are really heavily focused later in the game so prepare for them and except high experience points. 

“Do remember to buy antidotes and other curative’s before entering dungeons.” and 

“Don’t forget, Pokemon can suffer only one negative status at a time.” 

Antidotes are lifesavers for statuses because they give you an edge poison or paralysis. Poison eats away at your Pokemon’s health outside of battle and no poison heal could your downfall for that Pokemon fainting. I do not know how many times that I was urgently trying to get a Pokemon center in the hope to heal my team for free. Also, being paralyzed is bad and it sucks 75 percent of the time not being able to move. Both of these conditions, have disadvantages but paralyzed you at least have a chance to keep your health despite the decreased speed. Sleep is the third most common and prevents you from attacking until you wake up. Full heal wipe out all statuses and can save a trip to the center or even worse the Elite Four. If you have a status, then a lesser of all evils is paralyzed and prevents you from other statuses implicated on you. 

“Do try to match Pokemon in the battle to maximize their effectiveness.” And 

“Don’t hesitate to change Pokemon during a battle”. 

Pokemon is a constant game of cat and mouse if you so desire for it to happen. However, there are many strategies for playing like bait and switch, contests, and other features.  When you are in a battle, you want to make of it and think about your opponent with their Pokemon. For example, does the opposing trainer keeps doing the same combos or do they change? I want the advantage then you need to consider the Pokemon you are facing and see if the odds are in your favor. Basically, the trainer had a. Vulpix and you had Bulbasaur chances are you might lose to type advantage with fire against the grass. Keep in mind, type advantage on a Pokemon is key because a move that is super effective would do more damage than ineffective or effective moves. Bait and switch are so useful for it can avoid type or move advantages in battle and you win if you have at least one Pokemon standing. A battle had negative consequences if you lose it called whiting out and you pay money to do for losing. Money is scarce and whiting out is one way to lose lots of it at once. Do your best in battle and beware of what Pokemon you are facing and their moves.

“Finally, do an experiment!

You can’t what’s possible until you try it. Don’t be afraid to mix and match TMs, or to raise what you think will become interesting characters. There’s no right or wrong way to become a Master Pokemon Trainer. Enjoy the game!” I challenge those to be the master of their game and be the ones to decide what to do. Pokemon you have the freedom to play and as such any way can be your playing style. I hope you guys an exciting Pokemon Day and Catch Them All! 

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