Highest Grossing Franchises

The market for anime has expanded far pass from a show or a comic version to adaptions into more of reality. Anime has caught the attention of people in the world of Hollywood to high selling merchandise and finally other money making departments like clothing brands. When it comes to appealing in a series, anime sure has the appeal to make it more profitable than other animations like cartoons sometimes. Two shows that come to mind for the highest grossing franchises are Pokemon and Hello Kitty. These franchises have generated a net worth of about 170 billion dollars. Pokemon has risen to fame to the top spot and has an outstanding worth of 90 billion dollars. Hello Kitty follows in a close second by only 10 billion dollars less than Pokemon. A bulk of Pokemon earnings deprive in licensed merchandise and the others are the card and video games. Fun fact, Pokemon has two-thirds of its profits thanks to merchandising while Hello Kitty has more than 98 percent of profit in merchandising. These brands originate from Japan and have high appeal in the lure of each brand. Pokemon has a simple message of striving for better and “Catch them all.” Hello Kitty was first a means for female audiences in a product line for customers then made itself in an animated series and manga. Both these popular means of staple pieces capture a market for children and adults alike. Hello Kitty connected with a fanbase expanding over forty years and Pokemon is reaching about twenty-four years in the industry. Also, other noteworthy mentions of other Japanese related franchises are Shonen Jump and Fist of the North Star. Shonen Jump surpasses Spiderman and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the scope of sales based on a brand. Fist of the North Star makes a claim in making more money in a franchise than Lord of the Rings, Toy Story, and James Bond movies. If it is one thing that this list has revealed is that the Japan market for entertainment has engulfed the world in a frenzy of geek culture. I suggest you in taking a look in franchises and research see how your favorite fandom ranks with titans of entertainment.


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