Gundam’s Time Shinning

Seiko is launching a custom watch series inspired the 40 years of the Mobile Suit Gundam. Mobile Suit Gundam is a series that originally aired in April 7, 1979. Gundam belongs to the mecha genre and basically, changed face for the genre in what it represents in the industry today. Sunrise was going to officially the name of the series as Freedom Fighters Gunboy until creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino, changed the name. He liked the name of freedom and Gunboy to the point where he combined the two to form Gundam. Seiko has made 3 colors of infamous Gundams portrayed in in the Gundam series. The limited edition is set in colors of green, silver-blue (white), and deep red Gundams. The green watch is based on the MSIA Gunner Zaku Warrior Green depicted in Gundam Seed Destiny. RX-78-2 Gundam, also known as white Gundam, is a classic Gundam portrayed in Mobile Suit Gundam and resembles the silver-blue Seiko watch. Zeta Gundam Ⅲ P2 TYPE RED is the last and final deep red watch of the 3-piece set. Seiko pays tribute in small ways to the Gundam Franchise like connecting Gundam Build Divers through 2 dive watches. I hope the Seiko Prospex Collection excites watch enthusiasts and anime fans alike. The watches are a good statement in knowing but in reality the price is way too expensive to buy any from the set. By the way, the prices of the green and red are only $3,600 while the silver-blue is $5,600. Find out more on Maxim website or Seiko Instagram post of the Prospex collector’s special edition set.

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