Grounds For Anime Movie Showing

The Museum of the Moving Image is presenting a showing of Lu Over the Wall. Lu Over the Wall is an anime that follows the region of Land of the Rising Sun and Kai. Kai used to have a life in Toyko but had to move to Hinashi. His parents had a divorce and so he choose to stay with his father and grandfather to smooth things over. He wants no part to do with Hinashi nor his parents’ situation of divorce. Kai chooses music as his way to handle the stress of parents spitting up and the stress of moving to Hinashi. Along the way, he finds a band called Seiren and joins the band with his classmates of Kunio and Yuho. Lu joins the band with a mysterious origin that surprises the group. She would start singing and changes the entire appearance of the band. Apparently, the Museum of Moving Image is located near Midtown Manhattan, New York, United States and is hosting this showing on April 6th and April 7th, 2019. The tickets for general admission is $15 but seniors and children are only $11. Fun fact, the museum rests on the grounds of the historic Kaufman Astoria Studios in Astoria, New York. If you are interested about the event or Lu Over the Wall anime movie check out the website of QNS local news below.

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