General Convention Dos and Don’ts

General Dos and Don’ts for Conventions

Conventions are thrilling to attend, but sometimes knowing what to do and not are just as important. Today, I am discussing the dos and don’ts while at a convention. The list consists of my experience and common sense. Within these places, people look to information concerning guidance in a program, questions to staff, accessible communication on the web, and other sources for them to know more than before. People should know things and as such here is my list. It includes refreshments, planning, treating people with consideration, and being wary of pictures. 

Do Hydrate and Eat!    

Refreshments in this environment are vital for eating equals energy, and hydrating equals a properly functioning body. The question is where to get food and drinks, and one place not to get these items are restaurants and concessions at the events. Pricing matters for any business, and their goal is a profit even it means marking up the cost. The reason for this is the same concept at a sports game where prices are high and the demand for convenient food skyrockets. If you pack snacks ahead or purchasing frugally at a supermarket, then saving money is achieved. Remember, a person should eat plus drink fluids if they do not want their day cut short. Hunger and thirst present an uncomfortable feeling, so keep in mind to fulfill those needs at any event.    

Do Not Forget the Planning Process.

Planning could mean success or failure for your trip. When you think about the future, you could solve a problem or sometimes earlier is better. Have you ever waited until the last minute to make a reservation or buy a ticket? Those instances are frustrating and making matters worse; you find that a particular price for something was more after the early deadline. Before traveling for any convention far away, consider a checklist for packing and track which items are needed. I always forget a camera for my convention trips, and as a result, my memories of it come in writing. Bring that camera or anything else because nothing is more annoying than forgetting that unique prop or required ticket. Remember, you need money for hotel or BNB, transportation of any kind, convention expenses and other expenditures associated with your stay. Think of a budget and stick to it and implement saving goals adequately for the trip.

Do Treat People with Consideration 

Considering the people around you means you are aware of them and your actions. If the venue is overcrowded, then bumping into other guests and blocking the walkway is a no go. Attendees are ones to judge others based on negative impressions like you being rude in the crowds. For example, let’s just say the person you ran into was your favorite voice actor, and they might not treat you very kindly. This goes the same way for voice actors or other well-known figures because it only takes one time, and potential fans could participate in cancel culture concerning the person’s actions. An infamous case of a voice actor going rude is Vic Mignogna, who is responding very negatively to old fans and still ticking. It goes to show you that anyone can fall guilty to bitterness and crude actions. The most important people to consider are the convention staff and venue workers. This staff personnel is the ones either volunteering or paid by the venue to ensure a convention’s success. They are vital, and without them, the primary functions are non-existing; therefore, the event falls apart. Always think of the golden rule of “treat others how you want to have treatment,” for it can potentially reap the rewards for you. 

Do Not Think that Cosplay Means Consent!

Pictures are a touchy subject at conventions for reasons dealing with privacy and the photographer’s intentions for the photos. Privacy in a public setting sounds complicated at first, but just because a person in costume does not constitute consent. Consent is the permission from someone else for a specific action like photos. Sometimes, cosplayers have to deal with creeps concerning harassment and weird obsessions. Photography might be forbidden from celebrities to private events depending on convention policies. Celebrities sell their autographs and photos at conventions to earn money. They reserve the right to exclude anyone who can not pay for pictures and to be rivalrous when it comes to how many photos are sold. Everyone is not photo-genetic, as you might think they are in costumes or public appearances. Also, when in doubt, always ask no matter what. Pictures are exciting, but be careful what times are good and evil. 

Conventions are subjected to many types and composed of lots of activities. These pop-culture pastimes are heavily involved in the American lifestyle and other international events. People come out for they expect something in the programming or go with friends for enjoyment overall. Whatever the reason, just know that conventions are going to be around and then reflect the times for entertainment. Keep in mind the suggestions like refreshments, photos, convention courtesy, and, most importantly, prepare for the unexpected. 

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