Gamindustri’s New Addition Through OVA

Compile Heart announces a new anime feature in the Choujigen Game Neptune based series at the Dengeki Game Fes event in 2019. The original video animation (OVA for short) series of the game would be called Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation: Nepu no Natsuyasumi. Okuru’s studio is involved in the animation in the OVA episode and the returning director of Masahiro Mukai is back for the series. Choujigen Game Neptune the Amiantion follows the story of a region of Gamindustri which is divided in the four realms of Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee and Leanbox. The four realms is in the recovery stage from fighting fruitless wars concerning Share energy, the strength that comes from believing in Goddesses. Due to the past war, there is a treaty that forbids getting any Share energy through oppressive forms like the use of an army. The treaty was formed under the alliance of the four CPUs of the four different realms. However, one of the CPUs might not be in agreement over the treaty and later violates the promise that she made. Also, the company behind the series is promoting the Blu-ray release of the first 12 episodes and the new OVA episode. Here are the links that were used in this post.

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