Galaxy Con’s (2019) Review

Galaxy Con is a part of many conventions that go by the same name in different locations. GalaxyCon came in the convention status by officially taking over the trademark of SuperCons and renaming it GalaxyCon. They also have other conventions of GalaxyCon Raleigh, Louisville, Richmond, and Minneapolis. The name was replaced in all of them except Florida Supercon which kept the SuperCon trademark.  The one that I did was Richmond’s location of GalaxyCon. The event already occurred during three days from May 31th, 2019, to June 2nd, 2019. According to the website, “GalaxyCon is More Than a Comic Con. It’s 3 Days of Fun with Celebrity and Creative Guests from Comics, Movies, TV, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anime, Cartoons, Video Games, Wrestling and more!” This is what I like to call a convention of many fandoms where fans come together and geek out on multiple interests. It is was very fun not just for the many fandoms but its atmosphere of welcoming all to join in the excitement. Let’s not forget, all of the activities and panels were spot on. I got to experience a Power Rangers Q&A, CJ Graham Q&A, Name That OST, Conversation Menu, and Geek Goodness Burlesque. Q&As were the result of my volunteering and filming for future conventions as promotions. CJ Graham played Jason in the Friday the 13th franchise in the sixth movie. When he puts on that hockey mask in a photo shoot, he gets into character and either scares unexpected attendees or bewilders those in awe at his amazing acting skills. Name That OST (Original Sound Track) might not have been really fun for me, but it was really fun for my friend. He got coined the nickname “Celestial Being” for his shirt and correctly answered trivia three or four times especially for his favorite OST answer for Gundam. I liked Conversation Menu for it allowed complete strangers to pull questions from the menu and established a more personal approach getting to know a person. Man, the Geek Goodness Burlesque was something else, it had performers in various cosplay outfits on stage dancing, and I even heard the classic intro from Cowboy Bebop. Hands down, the best moment of the entire convention was getting my picture taken in the Pikachu Volkswagen Bug on the vendor floor. If you like a festival of many fandoms, cosplay wrestling, or have an exciting time with friends, then GalaxyCon is the convention for you. Shoot, if I had the chance to go again, I would do so immediately because this convention is one to remember. By the way, quoted from CJ Graham, “MC Anime is going to the top.”

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