Fruits Basket’s Comeback

Who does not want a good splice of life once in a while? Well, one such anime in splice of life is specifically Fruits Basket. Fruits Basket has the main character Honda where she lives in a chaotic situation full of mysterious individuals who have transformative backgrounds. This anime classic has many reasons to love it including a flair for the dramatic involving family, characters having high levels of encouragement, new versions of drawings for the series, and personal empowerment in growth. The flair for the dramatic concerning the Soma family is spot on in delivering craziness. The Soma family are people of various personalities who sometimes fight resulting in lots of damage in the house. Encouragement comes in many ways and the characters in Fruits Basket definitely throw some around. These characters want the best for everyone and Honda is a strong contender for the epicenter. New visuals in the 2019 version transform the remake to be stand-alone and unique compared to the original in 2001. Otherwise, the same ascetic from the original might be lost if the newer adaption looked similar. The rapid growth of the characters is something that takes you for surprise and at times seems like Rock’s personality change in season two of Black Lagoon. Growth of this multitude is constant with the Chinese zodiac mythology of discovering their true selves. Hopefully, this feel-good and emotional roller coaster of a family is worth all of the 27 episodes. Enjoy and find yourself in a world of expansive friendships and an interesting take on the zodiac lure.

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