Free!’s New Movie Trailer

Anime has done many compilation films meaning already seen content remastered. Compilation films exsist for reasons to summarize a past anime season in a movie. There is going to be theatrical relaease of Free!-Road to the World- Yume Film. The film is based on the third season of Frr!-Dive to the Future. The movie version also has newly-produced episodes not seen in hte anime. Free! “ Iwatobi chan Neru RW” was spoken on public radio via Sound Fountain ( June 14th, 2019.)  Original drawings from the series were displayed at the 4th Kyoto Ani & Do Fan Appreciation Event with a sixty piece collection. Actually, the movie is not scheduled until 2020 upon hitting theaters. There is the official soundtrack release coming up to buy soon. It includes the “Theatrical version Free!-Road to the World-Dream” and priced at 3,300 yen ( 30.4 dollars) which is sold by Lantis on 2019.7.10 or July 7th, 2019. Finally, the entire reason for this entry is the 60 second trailer showcasing Free! RW. The trailer was really interesting and worht watcing for those interested. For more information, please follow Free! RW’s translated website for the trailer, drawings, and more on both Free!’s Twitter and RW news.

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