Formidable Anime Weapons

Humans have been always curious about warfare and one technological breakthrough of it is the use of weapons. Throughout anime, characters are known for having weapons as support items or main way of fighting. Weapons are objects bestowing the wielders an extension of them and sometimes a power upgrade. The weapons with an upgrade are the ones where you have to keep a keen eye on because they can cause lots of hectic for unlucky targets. They come in many styles and sizes; however, the same similarity that weapons share is making a fight more dangerous. The styles in which characters take up arms are stabbing weapons, projectiles, biochemical, random objects, and many more types of combats. A classic weapon that is infamous around the globe is the sword. Tessaiga is a sword in which the half-demon and half-human, Inuyasha, wields to do battle with furious beasts and demons. The sword has extreme restrictions for full-fledged demons not able to touch it and is known for its ability to kill 100 demons in a single slash. Its ultimate form lies in the other half of Tenseiga (a sword that brings back 100 lives in a single slash) being able to merge with Tessaiga to defeat the Sō’unga. An anime that is known for its use of weapons as the main focus is Soul Eater.  Soul Eater has Death City where the popular Death Weapon Meister Academy teaching weapon transforming-human hybrids and meister, the holder of the death weapon. Specifically, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa who is a demon shadow weapon based from ninja or assassin origins in the multiple weapon transformations. Where outdated meets new, is the story of Outlaw Star in Caster guns being obstinate but used in the present. Caster shells are the source of the guns that shoot magically imbued bullets by old wizards a hundred years ago with mana. The users of the caster gun use their life force as a substitute for mana and can perform feet of electricity and black holes via ancient spells.  The Spear of Longinus is said to be similar to the holy sword Excalibur of slaying potential but the power to immobilize Angels in Evangelion. Angels in the series are beings of great power usually referred to as Adam’s 15 children or First Ancestral Race. The spear is one of the only weapons to pierce the AT Fields or very strong powerful energy barriers that characters use in Evangelion. Dominators are the weapons of choice by the Public Safety Bureau in Pyscho-Pass and determine someone’s Pyscho-Pass (crime coefficient) to see their risk to society proving you guilty before you do anything wrong. There are different levels to the dominator like Non-Lethal Paralyzer (100 or more), Lethal Eliminator (over 300), and Destroy Decomposer (used against objects used as weapons such as a mechanical forklift). The non-lethal and lethal modes are targeted on people of getting paralyzed or limbs destroyed with a possible survival rate. Remember, weapons are not evil but are tools that humans use to achieve certain tasks.

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