FMA Inspiring A New Age

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood explores the Elric brothers all over again in an adaptation closer to the manga. In the spring of 2009, the new FMA was a highly anticipated anime that connected the old fans with the new fanbase for a fresh ascetic of a greatly renounced show. Apparently, there so much of a following behind FMA that Funimation went in a different direction of streaming. It marked one of the first major series to be simulcasted in the anime community at the time. The significance of simulcast is essential because it paves the way for other shows to be broadcasted at the same time as in Japan. A new period in anime indirectly came from the idea of simulcast of transforming the industry in fans getting access on the same day on the particular episode. Simulcast influenced a new generation of anime which was the new age of the internet. The internet became a popular medium for the anime industry for it allowed easier access to anime outside from cable like the Funimation channel. Crunchyroll experimented with the idea of how anime could be accessed on an app or a website. Critics of Crunchyroll doubted the success of the idea and underestimated how much potential value could be made from anime on the internet. The reboot of FMA made Funimation stand out in the anime industry through a popular simulcast and gave it more backing behind the impact of same day broadcast. Brotherhood also stroked a cord in success by its opening episode being simulcasted as the first major series. According to SyFy Wire, Funimation had major success with not only FMA but One Piece as well in simulcasts. Read more of the article from Christopher Inoa on Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s impact on the site below. Important note, FMA Brotherhood is not available on Funimation anymore but instead Netflix and Hulu.

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