Fire Force Igniting Itself into Anime

Fire Force is being made into an anime in July of this year of 2019. The same creator of Soul Eater has also created Fire Force. The series humans turning into demons and their bodies catch on fire in the streets of Tokyo. The fire is caused by random transformations of demon-like creatures emitting from the person’s day. Apparently, the transformations are ever present in every day life in the series. An organization going by Fire Force launches teams to defeat the creatures before more main ham is caused. According to the trailer, these creatures can be gigantic as one was seen towering a major bridge in the bay. Also, the fighters tasked with fighting these creatures might be more like to the creatures than what is first seen. They are able to fight with flames but are affected by the flames in their own way which is unforeseen. The fighters are tasked with the responsibility to maintain safety not only in Tokyo but the safety of the entire globe. According to Kodansha USA’s Twitter page, Fire Force gets an unexpected new recruit and he is able to travel at rocket speed. He travels so fast that the only evidence of him being there are his impressions on the ground called “devil’s footprints.” If you are a fan of the writing style of Soul Eater or the supernatural genre of anime, then the series of Fire Force might peek your interest. The trailer is shown on the website and 炎炎ノ消防隊’s (which translates to “no fire brigade” in English) YouTube channel. One final note, you can literally call the Fire Force squad firefighters whose responsibilities are controlling the onslaught of supernatural fires caused by random episodes of combustion.

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