Fanfics and Anime

Anime is a forum where people create a sense of freedom in different variations. Expressing yourself through in anime is such a staple piece of the industry that everyone wants to achieve it in an individual way. Today is a post looking more in the writing of fan fictions which links multiple fandoms. Fanfictions are stories involving inspirations from other stories and making it original by fans of the material. Usually, the main custom of writing a fan fiction includes taking the rules of the already established universe and apply them to your story. The already established universe plays a key part in most successful fanfictions for the rules actually makes it more appealing for fans reading. A perfect example of this is the movie of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The idea of the multiverse theory gives fans an explanation of why the characters are present in the world of written fan fiction. Also, if the multiverse is not applicable in your inspiration for the writing, then do as much research as possible before writing. Research is another aspect that allows more positive reactions in your particular piece. Finding information on the context of an anime universe is so helpful because fans are less likely to judge a fan fiction if it does this. Fans can be picky when it comes to fan made stories. You need to address the main unanswered questions concerning your fan fiction. The inspiration for this post comes from a Quora question on anime characters entering a bar together. The proposed answer for the question by Ian Saayman addresses the anime characters and gives lots of insight into how they act and to what they drink. Just so you know, there is not a clear reason why the anime characters are meeting nor how they meet one another. I suggest taking a look at the answered question below and see if it is worth your time in reading.

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